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Global Logistics easy and affordable for anyone.

We offer everything your company needs to import or export, from international transport to customs clearance.
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Who is pine

Excellence Logistics is our business since 1937

Our company has decades of knowledge of the Brazilian customs system, the most complex system in the world.

There are more than 80 making history, participating in large and ambitious projects such as the construction of the Itaípu Plant, innovation of the Port of Paranaguá and others.

founding year

We are pioneers in customs clearance in Paraná, and one of the first companies in Brazil in this field.

active customers

Clients in the most diverse areas, all closely attended by a team prepared to understand each need.

Our team

Specialists in foreign trade focused on constantly simplifying and improving customs processes.


Import and Export operations of inputs and finished products of the Ambev group.

Itaipu Plant

Logistical coordination of the import of turbines and equipment from the Itaipu power plant. 

Klabin Factory

Logistic coordination, application of tax benefits, and customs clearance of the Klabin pulp mill.

Frisia mill

Customs advice, instruction of the Ex. Tariff, logistics and clearance Friesian Wheat Flour Mill.

Agrarian Cooperative

Full assistance, soybean import and export of bran and oil from the Agrarian Cooperative.


Customs assistance in the operations of the Paranaguá Container Terminal's gates.

Quality policy

Excellence in Customs Logistics

Always provide the best Customs Logistics service, in order to enchant customers with excellent results.

Our Mission

Facilitating global trade

Provide reliable and predictable Customs Logistics.

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