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Try the best customs clearance

Experience, dedicated team, continuous improvement and performance in the largest import and export operators in Brazil.

We work to ensure transparency, reliability and accessibility.


Efficiency and expertise

From simple to more complex processes, we have been working with customs clearance for over 80 years. Predictability, logistic excellence and reliability are our major brands. Click here and check our cases.


Anticipation of mishaps

Processes, organization and best practices significantly optimize routing and transit time. Special attention on each delivery mitigates possible extra costs that could go unnoticed.

Commitment to quality

Logistics Excellence


Objective communication and always updated information about your cargo.

Our team is dedicated to know you and your business in depth, to deliver the best possible result for your logistics.

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We have over 80 years of experience in customs brokerage in Brazil.

We are always attentive to each delivery, we know that trust in your broker is crucial for your business to prosper.

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We organize everything so you always have the most updated information about your load.

Get to know our online process management system, which allows wide and agile access to any necessary information.

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