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I bought a parcel on the internet from another country and it has not arrived yet. It says it's for customs valuation. What to do?

Contact the SAC of the express shipping company. If it is shipped by post, in this case contact the "easy import" sector. Usually this situation happens when the Federal Revenue is requesting more information about the import for correct identification of the goods for later taxation.

What is customs clearance?

It is the bureaucratic process for the authorization of entry of goods into the national territory, in which the Federal Revenue Service verifies the data declared by the importer in relation to specific legislation.

What is Incoterm?

The Incoterms (International Terms of Trade) serve to guide / define the rights and obligations of the exporter and importer within an international contract of sale and purchase.

What's a customs house?

It is a government division that controls the movement of goods in and out of the country or from it. Responsible for collecting taxes relevant to the process of export or import.

What's a customs?

It is the same as a customs office, a government office that controls the movement of goods in or out of the country. Responsible for collecting taxes relevant to the process of export or import.

What is AFRMM?

The additional freight for the renovation of the Merchant Navy is a compulsory contribution in the import processes and is intended to meet the costs of the Union's intervention in support of the development of the merchant navy and the Brazilian shipbuilding and repair industry. It is the basic source of the Merchant Navy Fund.

What is an Import License for?

Import licenses serve to enable administrative control of imports. They can be used by the government for many applications, such as validating whether the price of goods is consistent with that practiced in the national / international market or, also as an example, to verify whether a particular good meets national / international standards of quality and safety.

I want to make an import from China, what's the first thing I should do?

If you are an individual and your import is small (up to USD 3,000.00) with no commercial destination, you can use an express delivery company or the Post Office to make your import possible. Now, if you intend to import values above USD 3,000.00, you must enable your CPF or CNPJ in the RADAR of the Federal Revenue. The best suggestion we can give at this time is to hire a broker of your confidence to assist you in this project.

What is certificate of origin?

It is an official document that must be provided by the exporter to the competent authorities, serves to prove the origin (country of manufacture) of a given product.

What is export?

The concept of export is the exit of goods, products and services from a country.

What is import?

The concept of importation is the entry of goods, products and services into a country.

How should I proceed in case my cargo goes to red channel? Or rather, conference in the RFB?

If your import clearance parametrize in the red conference channel, it will be necessary to submit the documents of instruction of the clearance so that the Federal Revenue Service, through an AFRFB (Tax Auditor), verify the integrity of the data imputed in the Import Declaration, as well as verify the physical integrity of the goods.

What is a trading company?

Trading companies (or commercial exporter / importer) are commercial companies that act as intermediaries between manufacturing companies and buying companies, in export or import operations.

What are the import taxes?

The taxes levied and their respective rates will be determined by the tax classification of the goods. In the federal sphere, the taxes that may be levied are: II (Import Tax), IPI (Tax on Industrialized Products), the social contributions PIS and COFINS. At the state level there may be incidence of ICMS. In addition to federal and state taxes, the Government may impose compensatory measures (trade barriers), such as Anti-dumping.

What's demurrage?

Also called demurrage, it is an indemnity paid by the charterer on a voyage charter in the event of extra time for the return of the unit (container) after discharge at the port of destination.

I imported products, but I didn't check if I had the consent of any organ. Can I do the LI after my goods are shipped?

You can register yes the import licensing after the shipment of the goods. But the alert stays: - If the goods are conditioned to a more restrictive administrative treatment, with non-automatic licensing, may suffer administrative penalty and, in some cases, it will be necessary to collect a fine for LI after shipment. The ideal is that you consult your trusted forwarder to verify the need for LI before shipment and then only, after confirmation of the appropriate administrative treatment, authorize the shipment of goods abroad.

How do I know if my goods need an organ import license?

You need to consult the "Administrative treatment" module of the goods in the Siscomex system. Ideally, you should consult your trusted forwarding agent to carry out the verification, because the administrative treatment is somewhat complex and a wrong interpretation can result in penalties for the importer.

What's NCM?

It is the Common Nomenclature of Mercosur. It is a system that codes the goods for categorization of goods. It is a regional nomenclature of Mercosur, and is based on the International Harmonized System (HS).

What is merchandise tax classification?

It is the process of determining the representative code of the goods, based on the General Rules of Interpretation of the Harmonized System, based on the NESHs (Harmonized System Explanatory Notes).

Is there any advantage in hiring a supplier who can handle the entire logistics process? Such as international freight, customs clearance and road?

Absolutely. The international customs logistics process is very complex and can be very challenging. Counting on a partner that can efficiently integrate all stages of the logistics process will bring greater speed and security to your international business.




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